Important news about our environmental commitment

Since its inception, Ardetem-Sfere has been and remains interested in the environment and environmental best practices.

The correct management of available resources and the search for efficiency are intrinsic and indissociable elements of our activity.

All these circumstances have motivated us to go one step further. To align the interests of our customers, suppliers, and employees, but above all, with the global goal that unites us all, the protection of the planet, we stopped printing and sending the documentation physically. This documentation is available through the QR code printed on our products.

What are the advantages of being a paperless company?

While saving the world’s trees is a great goal, there are many more compelling reasons for eliminating paper in the workplace:

  • Better your customer service. A short search of digital files reveals all essential customer data, including client orders. You’ll be able to give more effective and fast customer service.
  • Make files and papers easily accessible. It is simple to share files with clients and staff. With electronic searches, you can quickly find documents from any location with an Internet connection.
  • Increase the protection of your company’s data. Digital documents are securely stored on off-site servers and are only available to authorised users.
  • Protect your business against hazards. Going paperless has a favourable impact on your business’s contingency plan. Because virtual files are stored in secure places off-site, they are protected from fire, theft, and other events that may occur in your business.
  • Conserve storage space. Some organisations must preserve documents for several years to comply with rigorous rules, which raises storage issues. One of the most significant advantages of going paperless is the ability to keep papers digitally, freeing up office space.
  • Increase your employees’ productivity. Another motivation to go paperless is that employees will spend less time processing and printing documents, giving them more time to focus on the most important activities.
  • Allow employees to be flexible. Telework and working from home become a reality when employees have access to necessary documents via the cloud. Fewer workers in the office equal cheaper energy expenditures, and remote employees typically work from their laptops, minimising the demand for office equipment.
  • Save money on printing, paper, and equipment. The real benefit of a paperless office cannot be underestimated. When you know how to go paperless at work, you may save money on printing, fax and printer equipment, pens, and, of course, paper.
  • Make your company more sustainable and boost your brand’s image. Customers who prioritise environmentally friendly company activities will have a positive impression of your company and sustainable working procedures. Digitally adept customers would enjoy the convenience of paperless customer service.
  • Physical touch should be limited. Being paperless means less interaction between coworkers, clients, and customers. During a health crisis, a paperless business may be a safer business. 
What makes Ardetem-Sfere a paperless company?

The values that are inherent to us, together with the new tools and technologies, have allowed us to carry out the following improvements:

  • Store and back up important files and documents, using storage on our servers, ERP and CRM with cloud technology.
  • Schedule daily backups, ensuring that your critical files are never lost.
  • Easily share with staff and clients fast and efficiently, without the extra cost of faxes or postal services.
  • Download our saved data and files from any location and on any device.
  • Priority use of electronic communications for all types of internal transactions between employees and external transactions with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.
  • The settlement of all our commercial transactions is done through digital banking.
  • Our accounting tasks are carried out with software that allows digital editing without printing documents.
  • Our new initiative: the dematerialisation of datasheets and technical manuals. Now accessible from the QR code printed on the casing of all devices.