Today’s prevention is tomorrow’s prediction.

Predictive maintenance that improves your plant’s availability, security, performance and production.

Mecason® protects your machinery and your workers by providing continuous vibration monitoring, which is more cost-efficient than conditional maintenance. That enables predictive maintenance according to the needs of your machinery, resulting in a significant increase in service life, a decrease in the danger of unexpected failures and an improvement in profitability.

The method measures and records the evolution of the “overall” vibration signal metric with our machine learning tool, making it more efficient than vibration analysis. By assuring continuous monitoring with a unique sensor that is more sensitive than standard accelerometers, it detects driftings early on, before mechanical damage occurs (lack of lubrication, water inlet in a bearing or loosening of a fixation)


Vibration analyses are usually performed on a regular basis. In most cases, as a result, damage does not become clear until it is too late. Our system continuously quantifies the signals from the vital organs of your machine and, taking the current noise level as a reference point, alerts of the drifting before the failure. Thus, more than detecting an impending failure, the system helps prevent degradation by creating an early maintenance process.

Why continuous Mecason® monitoring?

  • A machine under MECASON® surveillance cannot be the source of a sudden mechanical breakdown with consequent production losses.
  • This monitoring helps to decrease maintenance costs by eliminating needless maintenance (systematic preventive maintenance) and intervening as soon as possible, before the harm emerges, rather than after!!
  • Because grease-lubricated bearings are continuously monitored in this manner, they can withstand up to 100,000 hours instead of being changed after 20,000 hours. It is difficult to determine whether a bearing requires lubrication. The suggestions of the manufacturers do not match the real demands of the bearings! They do not account for temperature, mounting type, grease particular qualities, and so forth. Bearings require significantly lower volumes, but with much narrower spacings.
  • Users are increasingly recognising that periodic vibration assessments do not deliver the desired security. Continuous monitoring of the most critical assets is the only way to reliably secure them. And, in particular, MECASON® continuous monitoring since our sensors are more sensitive than standard accelerometers.

Protect your machines from downtime.

Shortage of bearing supply, especially those of large diameter, can paralyse your production with the consequent economic, labour and reputational damage to your company. Many of our customers inform us of delivery periods of more than 24 months for bearings of more than 400 mm, which are very common in the industry.

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