Acoustic Sensor TBV5-A

The TBV5 transmitter is specially designed to be associated with the MECASON® acoustic signature sensor to ensure the vibration monitoring of industrial machines.

This allows to ensure the preventive maintenance of the machines, lengthen their life, secure the production, and improve the safety of the staff.


  • Monitoring of bearings on rotating machines, hydraulic turbines, compressors, fans, mills, mechanical lifts, centrifugal pumps, etc.
  • Monitoring of the flow in a pipe.
  • Easy programmable with SlimSet PC software via standard USB/µUSB cable or with the LCD touchscreen micro-console


  • Acquisition of the data from the MECASON sensor.
  • Manual or automatic calibration at the moment of setup.
  • Listening to the acoustic signature via a headphone socket.
  • Programming of the alarms: 2 relay outputs (alarm and pre-alarm) OPTIONAL.
  • Recopying of the signal on the voltage or current analog output.
  • Universal power supply: 20 to 250 Vac and 20 to 250 Vdc
  • For DIN rail mounting
  • Programming by tactile µconsole on the front face or by software (µUSB plug).

DATASHEET (pdf) | MANUAL (pdf) |