Digital Panel Meter DG485

The DG485 is a highly accurate digital panel meter with IP 65 front face protection. 

It allows display, control and transmission of data from any measurable magnitude via a digital data link 485 by Modbus JBus or QSCII protocol.

Easy programmable on the front face via a 4-key keyboard.


  • Input: RS485 MODBUS/JBUS or ASCII
  • Modbus: 8 bits with/without parity, 1 start bit, 1/2 stop bits
  • ASCII: 7 bits + parity, 1 start bit, 1 stop bit
  • Slave number programmable: from 1 to 255.
  • Baud rate: from 1200 to 19200 BAUDS
  • 5-digits display
  • Format: 48x96mm
  • Programmable from keyboard

DATASHEET (pdf) | MANUAL (pdf) |