Industrial Radio Modem ITR 433

    The ITR 433 is an industrial radio modem operating in the 433 MHz frequency band without a license or prior declaration.

    The ITR 433 can be used for remote control, monitoring, telemetering or the transfer of data in applications where the wiring is delicate and expensive: dams, weather forecast stations, rotating machines, or process in a continuous move like cranes, vehicles, robotics…

    Easy programming in the front face by micro console.


    • RS485 and USB interface
    • Frequency band 433 MHz
    • License-free use
    • Radiated power: 10 mW
    • Universal power supply: 20 to 270 vac and 20 to 300 vdc
    • For DIN rail mounting
    • Programmable on the front face with the included µconsole, or by optional software

    DATASHEET (pdf) | MANUAL (pdf) |