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The IEC 61850 Gateway is an advanced industrial device that serves as a bridge between your measurement equipment and systems operating under the IEC 61850 protocol, promoting the unification of communications through Smart Grids . This versatile device not only ensures data transmission in a reliable and secure manner, but it is also designed to support connectivity with all types of Modbus devices , allowing equipment from different manufacturers to be connected without restriction . It is the ideal solution to reduce cabling and engineering costs while improving maintenance and commissioning processes.

Features & Benefits

  • Smart Grids and IEC61850 Protocol: Facilitates the integration of equipment into smart networks, optimizing the management and monitoring of energy infrastructures.
  • Connection Universality: Compatible with any type of Modbus equipment, allowing complete interoperability between various technologies and manufacturers.
  • Economy and Efficiency: Significantly reduces costs related to cabling and engineering, thanks to its unified and efficient communication system.
  • Flexibility and Adaptability: Designed to evolve according to future needs and market demands, ensuring a long lifespan and unprecedented adaptability.
  • Ease of Maintenance: Improves maintenance and implementation processes thanks to its intuitive interface and advanced features.
  • Industrial Robustness: With IP20 protection and a self-extinguishing casing, it guarantees reliable performance even in the most demanding environments.


  • Housing Type: PA66 black UL94 V0 self-extinguishing housing.
  • Dimensions: 22.6 x 109 x 136 mm, terminal blocks included.
  • Protection: IP20 for housing and terminals.
  • Connectors: Removable for screwed connections, up to 2.5mm² max, flexible or rigid.
  • Assembly: Installation in a cabinet, fixing by clipping on a symmetrical DIN rail.
  • Maximum weight: 290 g, packaging included.
  • Power supply: Universal, from 20 to 250 VAC or from 21.5 to 250 VDC.
  • Power Absorbed: Maximum of 7.6 VA in AC and 4 W in DC.
  • Galvanic Isolation: 2.5kV-50Hz-1mn between the power supply, RS485 and RJ45 inputs.
  • Environment: Operating temperature between -20°C and +60°C; Storage temperature between -20°C and +70°C.
  • Configuration options: Master on MODBUS network (option N) or internal bus for interface with TPIS converters (option V).
  • Gateway features: Conversion of Modbus RS485 measurements to IEC61850, management of up to 12 measuring devices, creation of ICD files via web server.
  • Clock Synchronization: Automatic update via external NTP server.
  • Connectivity: Embedded web server accessible via USB or Ethernet for configuration and visualization of measurements.


  • Electric Substations: Modernization of infrastructures for secure and efficient management, allowing optimal integration into modern electricity distribution networks.
  • Electric Distribution Networks: Optimizes energy management, especially in Smart Grids contexts, by improving the responsiveness and efficiency of distribution.
  • Renewable Energy Plants: Essential for the integration of solar and wind energy sources, facilitating the management of production variations and improving the efficiency of Smart Grids.
  • Manufacturing Industry: Use for precise energy monitoring and management, reducing costs and optimizing production processes.
  • Microgrid Management: Allows autonomous and efficient management, integrating various energy sources for local optimization in Smart Grids.
  • Critical Infrastructure: Provides reliable power for data centers and hospitals, enhancing security and continuity of services.
  • Public Transport: Improvement of the energy management of transport networks, essential for the control and maintenance of infrastructures.
  • Modernization Projects: Facilitates the integration of advanced technologies into existing facilities, supporting the transformation towards more digitized and interconnected operations

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