Signal Transmitter TRM1 400HZ

The TRM1 400HZ is a digital measure transmitter for 400HZ networks. Designed to control, display and measurement of all the parameters of AC electrical networks.

Easy programming by micro console by PC software SuperVision.


  • 400 Hz network: single-phase or three-phase balanced 3/4 wires
  • U input: 175 V and 600 V AC
  • I input: 1 A and 5 A AC
  • Scale and CT/VT ratios programmable
  • Cycle time: 55 ms
  • Measurement: U, I, P, E, F, CosPhi.
  • Isolated mA output
  • Galvanic isolation: In/Out/ Supply: 2kV
  • DIN rail mounting.

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