AVTNv – Voltage/Current Transmitter

The AVTNv is an AC current or voltage input transmitter that accepts a non-standard signal and converts it to a standardised isolated output signal – voltage 0/10V or current 0-4/20mA – active or passive.


  • Plug-in connectors for screw connection.
  • Internal selection of input and output ratings by jumpers, accessible from behind the front panel.
  • 5Aac current input secured by a flanged connector


  • Input: 0-5A AC
  • Output: 4/20mA
  • Isolation: Input / Output / Power supply: 3kV rms
  • Accuracy class: < 0.3%.
  • Housing: 22.5x75x120mm
  • For DIN rail mounting
  • Power supply: 20 to 270 vac and 20 to 300 Vdc


  • Offset or inverted scales.
  • Bidirectional inputs.
  • Bidirectional voltage output ±10V. Rc>1kΩ
  • Bidirectional current output ±20mA. Rc<320
  • Passive current output 0-4/20mA U:30V max.
  • Standard response time: 200ms. Short response time option from 7ms to 200ms. Long response time option from 200ms to 30s
  • HI version: High isolation 5kV

DATASHEET (pdf) | MANUAL (pdf) |