RS 485 Isolator IS 485

    The IS 485 RS 485 isolator allows connecting various transmitters/receivers on the same RS 485 line while guaranteeing a 2500 v galvanic partition.

    A polarisation and termination for the MODBUS or PROFIBUS DP network are ensured on each side of the RS 485 line, internal selection by jumpers.

    IS 485 devices have a DIN plug (accessible under the front face) for local access to the RS 485 line from a portable PC, using the standard PC/DIN cable of the range of converters. 


    • RS485 isolation at 2500V – 50Hz – 1 min.
    • Max. flow 1.5Mbits/sec.
    • With integrated end of the line and polarization resistors
    • For MODBUS and PROFIBUS networks
    • Transmission and receipt witness lights
    • For DIN rail mounting
    • Format: 22,5 x 75 mm Depth: 120mm

    DATASHEET (pdf) | MANUAL (pdf) |